Forge the Path Forward

We commit to:

Make a positive impact in the fields and communities in which we learn, work, and live.

Cultivate compassion and empathy in our fractured world.

Advance equity and justice.

Address the climate crisis with pragmatic optimism and seriousness of purpose.

Dear MCDS Community:

It’s with great joy and anticipation that I share with you Marin Country Day School’s new strategic plan, Forge the Path Forward.

Last year we embarked on an inclusive process that asked our community–families, employees, and alumni–to help us develop a vision and priorities for the next five years. The result was this thoughtfully constructed plan, which we built together, and which we all have an opportunity to implement with the vision toward an even more vibrant school and community. 

I also look forward to hearing your thoughts about our strategic plan through Conversations with Katherine, neighborhood gatherings happening in October through May. Everyone will be invited to one of these events–I can’t wait to see you there!

I want to give a special shout-out to our Steering Committee members, especially Co-Chairs Sarah Jones and Lisa Sawyer. We are so grateful for their dedication, commitment, and wisdom to make the process as inclusive as possible, and to reflect the vision of our community in the final product. 

Thank you to all of you for giving your input, sharing your time and resources, and helping to construct this exciting and bold new strategic vision and plan for MCDS. Now we start with the most important phase of the process–to make our plan a reality, and to Forge the Path Forward!


Katherine Dinh
Head of School

Our Future


We envision a world where young people work together creatively to build a more inclusive and sustainable world.


We get closer to that vision through our mission. 
Our mission is to create an inclusive community of learning that inspires curiosity, empathy, and action.


On our journey, our values keep us true to ourselves.
To achieve a community of action, we must:

  • Take Intellectual Risks
  • Stretch Your Mind and Body
  • Value Every Voice
  • Cherish the Natural World
  • Practice Compassion
  • Cultivate a Playful Spirit

Take Intellectual Risks

We hold ourselves to a standard of academic excellence, and each time we challenge ourselves to push our comfort zone, we learn more about capabilities, our world and ourselves.

Stretch Your Mind and Body

Our learning requires us to be nimble and flexible in what we learn and the way we learn it. When we allow ourselves to grow and stretch, whether in the classroom or by the creek, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.

Value Every Voice

As an inclusive community of learning, we welcome others’ experiences, ideas, and viewpoints. We want all members of the MCDS community to be— and feel—seen, heard, and valued. To that end, we seek every day to create and nurture a sense of belonging among students, families, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends.

students working on computer

Practice Compassion

As with any muscle, compassion must be practiced daily, so that it becomes comfortable and commonplace. With an open heart, we approach each situation as an opportunity to embrace and understand our shared humanity.

Cherish the Natural World

From the beginning, the natural world has been woven into the MCDS experience. Leveraging the outdoors as part of our classroom, we hold ourselves accountable to educate, inspire, and empower every member of our community to protect the earth.

Cultivate a Playful Spirit

We believe in fostering joy through play, learning, and community connection to nurture the child in all of us.